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    October 21st, 2010EuropasionariaEurope, Girl Power

    Susana del Río, a woman with a passion

    I cannot count how many times I’ve heard that Europe is boring, complex, technical, not fun, etc. However, I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the people I’ve heard talk about Europe with passion. Thanks to Alejandro from La traducción es la lengua de Europa, I’ve found a new one. A Spanish woman at that.

    Alejandro has translated into English an interview of Susana del Río, an expert in European communication, that was originally published in Spanish on Encarna’s blog Más Europa. This is a great read for anyone who is genuinely interested in the European project as a grassroots-led movement.

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    October 21st, 2010EuropasionariaQuote of the week

    The word alcohol – al kohl – is Arabic in origin, like many other words that begin with “al,” like algebra, algorithm, alchemy, and Al Gore.

    The article in which I found this quote is worth a read: Why Intelligent People Drink More Alcohol

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    October 16th, 2010EuropasionariaEurope, Web 2.0

    A couple of months ago, I wrote a blogpost saying why I disliked the .eu domain name ad.

    Today, while reading an excellent blogpost by Mathew Lowry, I found out the .eu domain name has a new ad. One that moves. A better one.

    This is what the previous ad looked like:

    Now it goes like this:

    I like it much better.

    Did my blogpost have an impact? We’ll never know…

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    October 14th, 2010EuropasionariaWeb 2.0

    …but the biggest shift since the industrial revolution.

    It’s always good to watch this video again from time to time.

    Thanks to Neelie Kroes and yeurbloggeress for bringing it to my attention on Twitter.

    Pass it on!

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    October 12th, 2010EuropasionariaLife

    The brown bag © Jerine Lay/Flickr

    I was at the Personal Democracy Forum last week. As expected, it was fabulous. I had a great time with old and new friends, and I met inspiring people.

    It was fantastic, except for one thing. The very first night, my handbag got stolen on a terrace downtown while having dinner with colleagues. We saw nothing. I just realised at some point that my bag was gone. It contained everything: all my credit cards, some cash, the keys to my place, my BlackBerry, and my passport among other important things.

    So I learnt the hard way what you are supposed to do when you lose everything:

    1. Report your stolen credit cards. My colleagues googled on their BlackBerry and managed to find a number to call but it seems there is no unique one. Each company has a different number, so good luck with that. If you have any tips, please share them in the comments!
    2. Deactivate your phone’s SIM card. Then again I couldn’t find the right number and had to wait until Monday for my office to do it for me.
    3. Check with the airline company you are flying back with whether they can take you on board without a passport. Good to know: if you fly back with the same airline that got you to this foreign country, then they must accept you on board. It was not my case so I had to have a new passport done.
    4. Go to the police and claim your stuff was stolen. They’ll give you a paper that says you are officially a ‘victim’, which will enable you to get a new passport and get your money back from the insurance company.
    5. Go and have your picture taken, specify it’s for a passport. The format is not the same as for an identity card.
    6. Go to your consulate. If you’re as lucky as I was, they’ll be fast and you’ll manage to have an emergency passport within 24 hours.

    My impressions of the whole thing: Barcelona thieves are pros, the Catalan police -los mossos- are stunning, and the French consulate staff are simply amazing. Long live public services!

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    October 2nd, 2010EuropasionariaGirl Power

    You’ve got to watch this:

    And this:

    Now check the amazing Girl Effect website, and spread the word in any way you can! Please.

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