• Am I the only one who thinks there’s something wrong with the .eu ad?

    July 15th, 2010EuropasionariaEurope

    Although I’m a fan and user of the .eu domain name, I can’t help but be bothered by this ad. I’m sure the ones who’ve read me for a while, and know my tendency to advocate for gender equality, will think: “What? There are more women than men in the picture, for once she should be happy?!”

    But my problem with this ad is that it says that adopting a .eu domain name shows that you are European, and then it shows 5 white people. Do you see where I’m getting with this? To me, being European is being in a multicultural open society, hardly something this ad conveys…

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  • Actually, being European means you are between 25 and 35, white and with a great whitening solution from your dentist…Left guy looks like something is squeezing his noble parts violently and he doesn’t want to wince, whilst right guy looks so full of himself it’s scary…yep, that should convince me to buy more dotEU domains 🙂

  • The lack of diversity in the ad’ is shameful.
    Moreover, ‘colgate’ smiles and doted ties are completely cheesy

    I think I’m European, but I don’t feel represented – however, I don’t have a .eu, that’s probably why.

  • Not only is the ad bad for all the reasons you’ve mentioned before but its quality is appalling!

    Frankly, even my 5 year-old son would manage those layers of people not having been shot together better in PhotoShop than the ad designer…

    For those that actually are considering the .eu extension for blogs or business sites, it’s not a good idea from a search engine optimisation point of view. I have concrete experience testing the SEO of sites with .eu and with the national url extension, and the latter works by far better.

    Probably why they are trying so hard to sell it (but not convinced themselves if you consider the budget for this)

  • Where have you spotted that poorly made one? It doesn’t look like a real ad. That would never convince me of getting one from which ever registrar used it.

    As for the cultural diversity, yapp I would need to agree.

  • I think it’s an ad from EurID itself and you can see it when surfing euractiv or blogactiv

  • Europasionaria

    Yep it’s been all over Euractiv for months…

  • ouch. good thing i got these blocked. 🙁

  • In this case have a look at their testimonials 🙂

  • Europasionaria

    Thanks for the link Martin.
    I kind of like the logo though….

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