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    July 21st, 2010EuropasionariaEuroblogosphere

    This week it’s been a pleasure to see enthusiasm mounting around the French-born idea of founding a collective European blog. On Monday, a few French Eurobloggers and sympathisers met for drinks in Paris to discuss the idea further (read minutes herehere and there).

    Along the initial idea of a collective European blog, another one emerged, that of using the Blogging Portal as a basis for creating a sort of intranet for European bloggers. The blog Se former à la communication européenne makes detailed proposals on how to transform the platform into “Blogging Portal 2.0”.

    As I am part of the Blogging Portal’s team of editors, I’ve been intrigued by this developement. I’m surprised to see that my fellow-countrymen consider the Blogging Portal to be hardly more than a Euroblog aggregator. Blogging Portal is in fact much more than that. The initial editors’ mission -making a daily selection of the best posts amongst over 600 listed blogs- has led to creating very strong bonds between the bloggers who are part of the team. A dozen of some of the most active Eurobloggers have daily online exchanges about how to develop the European public sphere. Together we design and carry out different initiatives during our free time, and without any financing at all. However it’s true that these exchanges and initiatives have been taking place in English so far as this is the only language we all share.

    Interestingly these discussions among French Eurobloggers are emerging at a time when Blogging Portal editors are going through intense discussions about the future of the platform. It’s perfect timing. So, dear Frenchies… would you like to join us in the Blogging Portal? You’d be more than welcome!

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  • Europasionaria,

    I have followed the French discussion with interest, but I share your sense of bewilderment:

    Is it really the best way forward to form national or even linguistic communities of bloggers as an alternative to or competitor with European ones, if the common theme is Europe?

    A practical first step: Bloggers in English and French could start by reading and commenting (in their own language) on each others’ blogs. This could be done in a second, and it only takes good will.

  • I actually commented on their post, but it hasn’t been published yet … ;-(

    If I understand them correctly, some of their ideas mirror in a way some of my more ambitious proposals for developing BP (cf ‘Sections’) , so it’s interesting to see convergent evolution in action.

    By helping people find out what people are saying about the EU in social media, BP fills a need and helps stimulate the emergence of EU-wide conversations about Europe.

    Of course, it could do what it does a lot better, but given that it’s run entirely on volunteer labour it’s remarkable that it exists at all.

    And finding resources for their ideas – which is where we got stuck – is utterly absent from their proposal … ;-(

  • Excellent effort! Can we extend a formal invitation to join the Bloggingportal effort to the French circle? I’m sure they would be most welcome!

  • Europasionaria

    I think it’s necessary that national Euroblogospheres get more structured but what it also necessary is to build bridges between the various national bubbles and have common spaces where we can exchange, like Bloggingportal.
    Completely agree with the fact we need to comment on blogs that don’t speak our language.

    @Mathew, I’m sure they’ll find the necessary ressources as they don’t seem to have the kind of dilemas we are having maybe because they are not structured yet! We are still not structured but there are many of us, which is not their case.

    @Eurogoblin, Julien and I will meet with Jean-Sébastien from Europa451 soon in Brussels to discuss all of this.

  • Je pense qu’il est préférable d’avoir une collaboration entre les blogs pour faire connaître la grande inconnue que constitue l’Union européenne, ce qui peut être fait en utilisant “Bloggingportal.”


    Jorge Juan Morante

  • Europasionaria

    Jorge Juan,
    Je t’ai répondu en castillan sur le post en français:)
    Ton français est parfait!

  • ¿No conformamos ya entre todos un gran “blog de blogs” colectivo europeo, multilingüe, además? Saludos. Fantástico tu blog.

  • Europasionaria

    Y otro bloguero español comentando en mi blog! Estupendo! Bienvenida Encarna, y gracias 🙂
    Tienes razón, ya conformamos un gran comunidad multinacional de blogueros. Solo hay que hacer el esfuerzo de construir puentes entre las bulas lingüísticas. Y eso es precisamente lo que vosotros españoles están haciendo comentando así en mi blog! Ahora tengo que comentar más en vuestros blogs :-/

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