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    July 26th, 2010EuropasionariaEuroblogosphere, Girl Power

    Rosie the blogger - CC Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com, after J. Howard Miller

    With the folks at the Blogging Portal, we ran a funny experiment last week. Editors nominated their favourite Euroblogs and ended up with a list of 30. Then Blogging Portal users could cast a vote online for their top 5 Euroblogs. The results were announced yesterday.

    I’m happy to see that at least one female Euroblogger made it to the final top 5. Congratulations to Lobby Planet‘s author for her continuous quest for trying and making the EU look funny. We need more light-toned Euroblogs, and we also need more female Eurobloggers.

    I’ve analysed the top 30 through a gender lens (see full list below). If you leave out the collectively written blogs, which have both male and female authors, there are 6 female bloggers in the list as opposed to 18 male bloggers. That’s right, just one quarter of the nominated blogs are written by ladies, this is even lower than the gender balance ratio of the current European Commission. This is not too bad but it could be much better. As French feminist blogger Olympe points it in a reaction to the Wikio classification of top political blogs, women are as underrepresented in the blogs that are deemed influential as they are in high positions in politics and at work.

    Generally women are not as comfortable voicing their political opinions as men are. I see this at every conference I go to, when it’s question time, only men dare speak. Surely not because they have more to say but because they are more confident that what they think is of interest to others. Ladies, your opinion matters. Whatever you write, you will find an audience, your very own audience. So, get blogging!

    I’m still surprised each time I publish a blogpost to see that people read what I write and that they are not my family and friends. I’m flattered that my fellow Blogging Portal editors nominated my blog as one of their favourites, and even more so that I actually made it to the top 10 of the readers’ favourites! See, just like many ladies, I still lack confidence in the value of what I do.

    I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on this blog before but in the same spirit, with my Twitter friends Kattebel and Linotherino, we launched the EU Girl Geeks network last year. EU Girl Geeks is a group of women who combine a geekiness that is both linked to techie stuff and to the EU bubble. Thanks to the genius IT skills of Linotherino we have now a website where we list blogs about Europe that are written by women. Have a look and feel free to suggest other blogs we might not yet know of! We are also on Facebook and Twitter. By the way, we are meeting this week for drinks and dinner so if you are geekie and girly, feel free to join!

    Results of the Blogging Portal's poll on your favourite Euroblogs

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  • Yes, more women need to blog, if only because I think we blog in a different way (as we do many things in a different way :))
    No, I’m not an IT genius: just very intent at proving female blond lawyer rhinos can do a bit of php messing up too!

  • Europasionaria

    Lino… see? You’re toning down your talent! Very few men would do this. And I agree with you, the blogs written by women are among my favourites. I find that usually they are more fun and always bring a very different point of view.

  • Good post, Europasionaria, and funny to see that Commissioner/ Blogger stat…
    and thanks for the vote 😉

    • Europasionaria

      Well actually someone made me notice on the French part of the blog that I got my numbers wrong. Only one quarter of the BP top blogs are written by women, while one third of the Commissioners are women… so it’s even worth than I thought :-/
      I’ve updated the post with the correct ratio… obviously I’m better at languages than at mathematics!

  • Thanks Europasionaria for the blog post and congrats to Lino for being in the top 5.

    I was talking gender balance this very morning at Eurocontrol with one of the very few female senior managers there and we were appalled to realise that the ratio at Eurocontrol is of 12 men for 1 women in senior management positions – far behind the Commission!

    So there’s still a long way to go… but we’ll get there ultimately, it’s just a question of time and political will.

    • Europasionaria

      A question of time, political will and individual efforts too! Women still tend to accept too easily to take a back seat…

  • I can’t say that anyone has ever accused me of not being comfortable voicing my opinion 🙂 That might be a result of going to an all-girls secondary school, where there were no boys to drown me out. Still, might explain why I enjoy my blogging/tweeting activities. I agree with Lino that we girls do things differently and that’s why we should do them!

    • Europasionaria

      Very honoured to have such a good selection of great female bloggers commenting on this post! You rock! Let’s hope the post awakens other vocations…

  • Very interesting post.

    I´ve realised in Spain is exactly the same: most of the important blogs are writen by men while women are always in second position.

    I don´t know how can we change this but posts like this are good for it.

    Congratulations for your blog,


    • Convincing more women to open a blog is one of my daily battles. Then networks like the EU girl geeks that we created are a good way to promote each other.

  • I didn´t know about EU girl geeks but I´ve found out about and it’s a great idea, how can we join?

    • Hello Aurora,
      EU Girl Geeks is -for the moment- a Brussels gathering. Are you based in Brussels? Then you can use this contact form: http://www.table607.com/contact/ to drop us a message so we let you know when we next meet, or you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook (see website).

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