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    June 25th, 2011EuropasionariaWeb 2.0

    Some of you may have noticed that my blog was offline for 3 weeks. You didn’t? No worries, me neither… at first. Readers noticed it for me. At first I thought it was a tiny server problem, usually solved by my host in no time. Then I realised it was a little more complicated than that.

    I receive dozens of emails a day, mostly from websites I registered for ages ago – I’m an information junkie. Sorting all these subscriptions would take forever. I’ve tried at times but it always ends up the same: I give up as I find it impossible to retrieve a username and password I created centuries ago. Seriously, aren’t you tired of having as many usernames and passwords as websites you have subscribed too?

    Anyway… I was being my usual self, scanning through the dozens of (spam) emails I receive daily, trying to spot the personal emails I don’t want to miss… and something bad happened. I didn’t spot the multiple reminders to renew my domain name subscription, which were sent by the service provider. On May 31 my subscription was cancelled without my noticing and my blog was therefore inaccessible.

    Offline © Michael Coghlan/Flickr

    I panicked. I got angry. I felt deprived. Months of hard blogging work taken down in a minute… It was as if bits of my soul had been stolen. I tried to pay for my domain name subscription again but I didn’t even have the right to! I imagined my domain name being bought by a stranger who would then ask me to pay a lot of money to get it back… alright that would probably not happen to my obscure blog. Yet, I felt helpless.

    I sent an email, filling up the online form on the website of the domain name provider -whose name I will not mention as I am not fond of revenge blogging. They replied within 48 hours as advertised on their website. However it took almost 2 weeks to have my blog back online, and several panicked reminders I sent to a robot machine in the meantime, all left unanswered, leaving me questioning the future of part of my identity: my blogger name.

    All back to normal then? Not really… it seems all the rankings of my blogposts have been messed up – for the non bloggers of this world: the more a blogpost is quoted and shared, the higher it gets in search engine results. So still, a year of hard work seems to have been lost in this unfortunate event. Was this really worth a slight delay in the renewal of a 20-euro yearly subscription? I was wrong in being late to renew my subscription but the consequences of it seem really inhumane to me.

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    November 8th, 2010EuropasionariaQuote of the week, Web 2.0

    Facebook and Twitter have found a sizable niche: people who have something to say, but either are content to say it only to their friends, or don’t need more than 140 characters to express it.

    Mixed Media, How Facebook and Twitter Are Replacing Blogging

    Found on Twitter thanks to @princess_misia

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