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    January 12th, 2011EuropasionariaBrussels, Euroblogosphere

    There were lots of familiar faces at the Butterfly Europe event this afternoon.

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    When you are an EU geek -by that I mean a person who is both active in EU affairs and in social media- you tend to attend any single event that talks about both. And as social media is the “it” subject in the EU bubble at the moment, there have been many of these events in Brussels in the past months. So when you are an EU geek, you tend to always see the same people around, be it online or offline. As Antonia and a few of us EU geeks put it today on Twitter, at the Butterfly Europe event, the usual suspects were attending and some of them were speakers too. We are indeed a bubble inside the bubble. No surprise there: the EU bubble is already small enough that the group of people in this bubble who are also passionate about social media is inevitably smaller.

    Amongst the EU geeks usual suspects who attended Butterfly Europe, there was a shared impression that the discussions turned around in circles, and that somehow, any event we go to talks about the same things amongst the same people. Being of optimistic nature, I look at things in a different way.

    First, if we get the impression that nothing new is said in the social media events we go to, well that’s actually a good sign for us on a personal level. It means we know our stuff! As early adopters of social media in the EU bubble, we are and always will be ahead of others who are only starting to develop an interest in it.

    Then, of course the usual suspects were there. We know each other, appreciate each other and naturally gather and chat when we are at these kind of events. Here comes the bubble effect… but gladly, there were also plenty of new people at this event, let their tweeting commence!

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    December 21st, 2010EuropasionariaEuroblogosphere

    E-blogs Wikio

    Earlier this year I enthusiastically welcomed the launch of e-blogs by Wikio. The project was to translate into 5 languages blogposts from different European countries. “Great initiative”, I thought, especially since it was a private venture whereas projects of this type are usually funded with public money. But here we are, it didn’t work. E-blogs didn’t generate enough revenue and now it’s closing down.

    It’s sad but at least they gave it a try! So congratulations to the e-blogs team for their bold initiative!

    I recently read an interview of Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. He said that real entrepreneurs fail – a lot actually- and that it was a necessity for their succeeding in the future. It reminds me of what Caroline De Cock aka Lino The Rhino said in an interview to Butterfly Europe, a quote I published here a couple of days ago: “The day my kids will have understood that failing is not a bad thing as long as you learn from it and try again, I just know they will be the next generation of innovators.”

    It’s simple. Those who fail have dared to try. If you never take a risk and try to do something, even though you might fail, then you will never succeed. So praise your failures, as that’s what your successes are made of!

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    December 21st, 2010EuropasionariaEuroblogosphère

    E-blogs WikioJ’avais découvert avec enthousiasme il y a quelque mois e-blogs de Wikio. Le projet: traduire en 5 langues des blogposts de différents pays européens. Idée géniale, d’autant plus remarquable qu’elle venait d’une initiative privée quand la plupart du temps ce genre d’initiative est financée par des fonds publics. Mais voilà, ça n’a pas marché. E-blogs n’a pas généré suffisament de revenus alors ils tirent leur révérence et mettent la clef sous la porte.

    C’est triste mais au moins ils auront essayé ! Alors chapeau les artistes !

    J’ai lu récemment une interview du fondateur de Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales. Il y disait que les vrais entrepreuneurs connaissent des echecs, beaucoup d’echecs, mais que c’était en réalité la clef du succès. Ça me fait penser à ce que Caroline De Cock alias Lino The Rhino, qui est à l’origine de nombreux projets en ligne, a dit récemment dans une interview à Butterfly Europe: “Le jour où mes enfants auront compris que l’échec n’est pas une mauvaise chose tant qu’on apprend de ses erreurs et qu’on essaye encore, à ce moment-là je saurai qu’ils seront la prochaine génération d’innovateurs”.

    C’est simple, ceux qui connaissent des échecs ont au moins le mérite d’avoir essayé. Et si l’on essaye pas, et bien tout simplement, il y a peu de chance qu’on y arrive un jour. Alors vive les échecs puisque c’est d’eux que nos succès sont faits !

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