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    January 6th, 2012EuropasionariaBest of the Web, Web 2.0

    I’ve been a long-time fan of Moo mini cards. I have business cards, which my employer gives me. That’s great in a business context. But when I’m having a chat with someone nice in a non-professional context, I just want to give them my personal contact details, not my work email address. So for about two years now I’ve had Moo mini cards, on which I’ve put my Twitter user name, personal email address and blog URL. They are twice as small as normal business cards, can be customised the way you like, include pictures of yours, etc. All cool stuff.

    A couple of days ago I ordered a refill. And then, thanks to Mashable, I found out that you can get Moo cards for free thanks to a partnership with Facebook. You might have heard of the new Facebook timeline. Your front page features one of your favourite pictures with a thumbnail of your profile picture on top of it. Moo offers you 50 free business cards with on one side your Facebook timeline cover picture and on the other side, your favourite quote and other contact details. Pretty cool stuff. I’ve ordered it, just because it’s fun and innovative. Check it out quickly if you want to do the same.

    Disclaimer: I was not paid by Moo to write this article 😉

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