• The Hungarians invented everything… and they also have beautiful women

    January 6th, 2011EuropasionariaEurope, Girl Power

    I’ve found on Un Européen jamais content this promotional video of Hungary, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Hungary. According to that footage, the Hungarians invented a lot of useful stuff such as the automatic gearbox, the autoexposure still camera, the refrigerator, the articulated bus, the soft contact lenses, gramophone records, Excel, and the colour TV set.

    Wow! What a great country, right?

    I liked this video. I thought it was good. Very good promotion indeed… until minute 6:45 where after informing us about all the great things Hungarian men invented they tell us, randomly, that… they also have “the most beautiful women on earth”! First, that’s probably far from true. Then, why do they need to say that exactly? Is that a touristic attraction? It’s totally out of place. Sorry, it completely ruined it for me.

    PS: I love Hungary. Fun people, good food, great wines, fantastic lake Balaton, and also the ugliest men on earth… just kidding 😉

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  • Agreed. An outdated touristic promotion… Of course it’s far from true and totally out of place, and most of all clearly a trivialization of women.

    • Just which part is so ‘far from true’? Do your research before you comment! Who invented the things that the video mentioned in your opinion? I live in London and as it is a cosmopolitan city, I’ve met many men from all around the world who thought that Hungarian women were (on average) much better looking than most. It might appear sexist (I never thought that the video meant to give the message: come to Hungary because you’ll get beautiful women here, I think Hungarians are just proud of their women.) to other nations but feminism never needed to take off in Hungary as women have been treated the same way as men for as far as I know.

  • As a Hungarian woman I rather take it as a nice gesture. Anyways our nation is so mixed up (little history: we came from a long way from Asia and mingled with a lot of nations right before nationalism appeared) so each Hungarian women is different but in a way one can tell someone is tipical French, or German etc. you can tell that in general Hungarians are fulfill the media’s expectations of beauty. Let’s just mention Barbara Palvin who is known by everyone now…:)

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